"As the sunrise brightens each new day, so the sounds of the flute chase the gloom of night away, and awakens our soul."

Ron Stutz

Native Sunrise Flutes

Professional quality for a reasonable price

Created for every skill level

  • Anti-wetting technology provides hours of continuous playing
  • Beautiful, traditional craftsmanship
  • Custom carvings
  • Full Range of Notes
  • Affordable prices

Native Sunrise Flutes are created to awaken the spirit of the creator within you and brighten each day.

Petra Designs and Native Sunrise Flutes Highland Utah

All of my flutes are hand-crafted and each one is unique, one-of-a-kind. Because of the high turnover of my inventory, I do not post all available flutes, but rather, I send you a photo of the flute that meets your specifications, such as key, wood type and special features.

The most common woods I work with are: Aromatic Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Walnut, Cherry, Smoked Red Oak and Sepale or Mahogany.

I make flutes in all the popular keys. Drones are available (over/under style).

All Flutes must meet client expectations.

When selecting your flute consider the following added features:

  • Black Lightning Burn
  • Tree Bark Texture
  • Broken Branch End
  • Turquoise Sand and Red Coral In-Layed Ring
  • Bird Head End
  • Custom Carvings


Please call for options and pricing.

~ The primary reason to own a Native American style flute is to make magical sounds that please the soul.

~ Your flute can also represent a quality, functional piece of art to be be proudly displayed and enjoyed.

~ Native Sunrise Flutes provides both excellent sound quality and beautiful art.

A - Walnut Flute and Smoked Red Oak

Low C - Spanish Cedar Flute and Smoked Red Oak

Low D - Spanish Cedar Flute and Smoked Red Oak

E - Mahogany Flute and Smoked Red Oak

F - Bird Head Flute Cherry and Aromatic Cedar

F - Flute Drone, Smoked Red Oak and Mahogany

G - Aromatic Cedar Flute and Smoked Red Oak

Walking Stick Flute

More images coming soon!

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